16 April 2014

Drumlin Wind Energy Co-operative share offer closes on 30th April

Northern Ireland's only wind co-operative is seeking to raise £1.2m to install two further wind turbines, following their previously successful raise of £2.7m in 2012/13.

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10 March 2014

PEC renewables open for investment

PEC renewables aims to raise up to £500,000 to install solar panels on more than 20 schools and community buildings in Plymouth.

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31 January 2014

Gen Community's Sunny Schools Project open for investment

The second project from Generation Community aims to raise £880,000 by 30th April 2014 to deploy solar PV systems on 25 Schools in Staffordshire.

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23 December 2013

£10,000 pledged to explore Community Energy Infrastructure

At the Community Energy Conference, held in Birmingham on 13th December and hosted by Westmill Solar, around 50 people attended to discuss how best to support future community energy schemes.

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